A small but fine revolution

Have you ever thought about how you would fall in love with THE dress? The one and only dress you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl dancing around in your tulle skirt?

Of course you could make an appointment at one of the classic shops that you find in every city. Or, and I am sure you’d prefer that, you could visit one of the beautiful new concept studios that have recently started to engrace the world of wedding gowns.

Imagine a place where there is a love for detail in everything you see. A small and fine selection of designers and styles, rather than a sea of dresses, so gorgeously presented in a boutique-style showroom, that you would actually love to move in right away.

Where you could not only find your dream dress but also indulge into beautiful furnishings: lots of accessories in copper or gold, natural textures, extraordinary wall paint, beautiful lamps, armchairs, side tables, flowers, vases, candles; everything, up to the coat hangers, creates a unique experience.

An intimate atmosphere that almost resembles a spa experience, where you feel right at home, cared for by a lovely team striving to fulfil your every wish. Where you are allowed to touch the gowns instead of wearing white cotton gloves which are still handed out in many of the old-fashioned salons.

This is where you have privacy and space, much space, to twirl around again as that little girl did, dancing a happy dance because she found the dress of her dreams.

I have recently visited Seeweiß in Potsdam, a fairly new bridal studio located near Berlin, and took these pictures for you. I wanted to give you an idea of how this new concept can look like. If you live in other parts of Germany, check out Hey Love in Munich, Victoria Rüsche in Köln, or, in Linz, Austria, the beautiful store of Feinstens.

I believe this is just the beginning of a fine revolution. There is more of this to come, I am sure, in the world of gowns, dresses, dances, and little girl’s dreams.

If you know more places like this, joining the revolution, I would love for you to let me know in the comments below.

Choose the place that speaks the most to you, and finding your dream dress will be what it’s meant to be: pure bliss, excitement and joy.

Christine x


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