How to find the perfect venue for your Country, Garden & Outdoor Wedding

One of the things my brides told me they struggled with the most back in the days when I was planning weddings (remember, I was a wedding planner before I became a wedding photographer?) was:

‚How and where do I find the right location for my country wedding?’

So I’ve written a guide for you on ‚How to find the perfect location for your country, garden & outdoor wedding’. My best advice and proven ways with which I have scouted many a wonderful country wedding location throughout the years. Because, finding the right venue for your dream day can actually be fun!

And as a surprise gift, I’ve also compiled a list with my most favourite country & garden wedding venues in Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Italy. Over 60 stunning venues that would make the perfect backdrop for a relaxed country wedding.

You can sign up to download both of my guides here for free:

So, are you struggling with finding the right location for your wedding, too? You just want a beautiful LOCATION, because right now you don’t have any in sight or the ones you found are fully booked? Even just one idea or tiny tip would be a bit like a dream because finding the right venue seems so out of reach at the moment?

Then CLICK HERE and sign up to download my free guides now.

Because, finding the right venue shouldn’t be so hard.


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