On a Midsummer Night

Oh, how I love those long summer nights… the light that never seems to fade, the warm rays of the sun, dipping everything in soft colors… looking at the pictures of Michi and Philipp while writing this blog post on a crisp September morning immediately brings back memories of these midsummer evenings that filled my heart with joy not too long ago…

Six weeks before I met Michi and Philipp for our photo shoot, they had gotten married in Denmark, a country they hold very close to their hearts. And the country up North is not the only love they share, they are also passionate about photos, Philipp being an ardent photographer himself.

As a bridal couple, they had so enjoyed being in front of the lens that just six weeks after their big day, they were in for another portrait session. A a gift they made each other, just a few weeks after their wedding. Which is, when you think about it, such a wonderful idea: all the stress a wedding day inadvertently brings has fallen off, while the excitement is still there, the memories fresh, the newly affirmed bond so tender. Really enthusiastic they were, to have their bond, their young marriage, documented by a camera once again.

At the height of summer, on those balmy nights, I like to take my couples outside into the wildflower meadows. Those fields swaying in the warm wind, the golden light… the perfect canvas for a romantic sunset shoot with two newly-wed sweethearts.


  • 9. November 2015 - 8:33

    Julia - I LOVE the feeling of the photographs, really natural!

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