The time of my life

Italy is treating me so well. Inspiring people I have met here, exciting new projects are underway. Just because I packed my bag, took off for Italy and followed my little heart.

At least twice a day here, I think to myself: ‚I’m having the time of my life.’ So many moments, sights, stories, they put a smile on my face. And fill my heart with gratitude and happiness.

The reason why I am doing this trip to Italy I outlined in my last post, and my travel companion is a feeling that’s been with me whenever I decided to leave the comfy nest that people commonly call home, and went my own ways. It’s the feeling I like to describe like this: I am having the time of my life.

I’ve realised once again here how important it is for me to crank up my life on a regular basis, to fuel up my energy levels and fill life with experiences. Moments I only get to experience because I got out in the first place. Experiences I am so thankful for and that I would have missed otherwise, had I stayed at home, sat at my desk, or snugly on the couch.

During the past fifteen years, whenever – and only then – I consciously decided to leave my comfort zone and go out of my own ways – it was then when I was rewarded with those moments that I recall as the best times of my life.

And for me, these moments have never been tied to one single place. They occured during all my extended stays abroad. Italy, England, USA. Bristol, San Diego, Florence, Berlin (although the latter is certainly not abroad for me but it certainly isn’t the typical German city either)… I felt it in each of these places. It was rather tied to the pure act of doing something unknown, of leaving my own beaten paths and become an explorer again. Not only as a traveller but also as an entrepreneur.

Quintessentially, it tought me this: we are responsible for the life we create. For the people we spend time with, the places we hang out in, the work we choose to do, the adventures we throw ourselves in (or not), the time we take (or not) to do the things we love. It’s about consciously chosing, accepting that it’s really all in our own hands, and then acting on this truth.

It can be as small as breathing life into a new business idea (as we are, right now, working on an online shop as an extension of my photography business) or as huge as moving abroad. Whatever we may chose that besides all the excitement, also scares the hell out of us, if only a tiny bit.

It’s about intendedly choosing the things and places we want to pour all our heart into, and then go, and explore, and create the life we want. While also enjoying the process.

The more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion that this beautiful universe rewards the ones who intentionally choose to live their own lives. The ones who take a plunge, who dare to jump into the unknown. The reward? We will learn to fly. We will be granted with an amazing rush of excitement, with this feeling that deep inside tells us, I am having the time of my life.

Here and now, but also again, and again. Because we are in the driver’s seat, we can create blissful moments for ourselves, again and again. If only we dare to jump, and fly, from time to time.



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  • 22. April 2016 - 13:40

    Alexandra - That sounds really good. And you are so right. Today I read an amazing zen-wisdom in german…“das Leben birgt viele Umwege in sich. Die Kunst besteht darin, dabei die Landschaft zu bewundern.“ :-) all the best…. AlexandraReplyCancel

    • 25. April 2016 - 0:00

      mjuette-admin - Liebe Alexandra, das ist ein schönes Zitat. Thanks for sharing it! :)

      Alles Liebe, ChristineReplyCancel

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