Travel dates 2017


This morning we sat down, looked at the calendar and mapped out the rest of 2017.

At one point I had to pinch myself because it felt so incredible to see it laid out in front of me, the locations we go, how it comes together so easily and with such flow through the location independent lifestyle that we’re living, all in the next six months!

Berlin, Milan, Florence, Rome, Paris, the South of France, Amsterdam & London – if you know you need a fresh set of photos, chances are high I’m coming to somewhere near you soon – get in touch with me and let’s plan your business, personal branding, lifestyle, couple or family shoot in one of these destinations. Simply message me and we go from there!

Dates and destinations for the second half of 2017:
August: Berlin & Milan
September: Paris, Florence & Tuscany
October: Tuscany, Florence & Rome
November: Amsterdam, London, UK
December: UK


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