A branding photography session for Florence fashion boutique Hello Wonderful


Tucked away in Florence’s hip Oltrarno district is the unique fashion boutique, Hello Wonderful – authentic Italian style conceived, created and run by two fashion designers, Livia Quaresmini and Vivian Ventroni. The two have developed a unique business designing, making and selling vintage inspired clothing all under one roof and what’s more, doing every aspect of it themselves.

My focus during this business photography session was to showcase the unique process that Livia and Vivian go through at the store, from the initial design stages to the selection of fabric, the cutting of patterns, the shaping and sewing of the garments all the way to the end result of selling their beautiful clothes to customers in the shop.

We wanted these images to really tell a story – the story of Hello Wonderful and the intricacies of how it operates. The result is a behind-the-scenes look for the buyer, a sneak peek into where the clothes come from, how they are made and by whom.

This is especially important for local business owners like Livia and Vivian whose focus is on quality, craftsmanship and contributing to a conscious lifestyle. All the fabric used in their clothes is deadstock – residual fabric from much larger fashion houses and luxury brands, which would otherwise be heading off to become landfill. This eco-friendly approach is obviously good for the environment and also helps sustain their production methods and profits.

Hello Wonderful is the antithesis of a faceless fashion brand. Shoppers and browsers can actually see these two stylish business ladies at work as they hand make the clothes at their sewing station in the store and chat to them as they peruse the items.

Whether you are a creative business owner, artist or craftsperson I can create a visual story that showcases the individuality of what you do.  We can portray the concept and ideas behind your business, the procedures and materials involved, the design process and skills it takes to become the end product and finally if applicable, the sales area, shop or studio. All the love, energy and careful detail you pour into your business can be reflected via photographs and videos that become accessible to your clients, giving them an understanding and appreciation of what makes you distinct.

For our Hello Wonderful photo session, my desire was to showcase what lies at the heart of this small fashion business where beautifully handmade, stylish clothes are designed and created with extreme professional skill, a lot of love, and a good dose of Italian passion.

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How Hello Wonderful garments are made:

Designing the dress

Creating the pattern

Choosing the perfect fabric using deadstock (residual fabric, often from much larger fashion houses and luxury brands)

Cutting the fabric according to the pattern

Sewing the dress at the sewing station in the store

Finishing touches…

Ready to wear, the finished dress enters the shop floor… new pieces are added on a daily basis

Once a customer has chosen the dress, it is lovingly packed…

Everything made in the heart of the Oltrarno, Florence, Italy.

A few more detail shots of the shop

Custom hangers and a range of home accessories such as cushions complement the range

Fashion designers Livia Quaresmini and Vivian Ventroni who pour their heart and soul into Hello Wonderful.

A behind-the-scenes mirror selfie. Can you tell I love creating stories like this and portraying businesses, creatives and makers?


Ready to create a visual story of your business this year with beautiful new personal branding photography? Email me here and let’s plan your shoot!