Honest. Spontaneous. Flowing.


Honest. Spontaneous. Flowing.

For me, it’s all about that.

While I am behind the camera, you will do your thing.

You will dance, you will laugh, you will touch each other, you will enjoy the moment. Have a date night together.


Honest. Spontaneous. Flowing.

Don’t dread the posing. There will be none.

Don’t fear the pressure because I will make it feel easy for you.

Don’t be afraid of having to perform. I won’t ask you to.

Don’t be afraid. I’ll will take you by the hand.


Honest. Spontaneous. Flowing.

Just you and him. Just you and her. You both, the two of you, your love.

Doing your thing, while my shutter clicks away and we will dance together.

The name of our little dance?

Honest. Spontaneous. Flowing.


That’s all that matters for my camera.

You being honest, spontaneous, and flowing.


Let’s dance together. Here.



The location for this photo shoot was Berlin’s Museum Island, one of my favorite places in Berlin. A big thank you to Frieda Therés for featuring this. You can see it all here.