Personal Branding Photography with jewellery designer Izzie Roffe-Silvester in Brighton


On a beautiful summer’s afternoon, filled with bird song, I had the pleasure of photographing jewellery designer Izzie Roffe- Silvester, at work in her home studio in Brighton. Tucked away at the end of her beautiful garden, Izzie’s wooden workshop is where her unique creations come alive.

I wanted to capture the essence of Izzie’s ethos as a young designer and portray how important the natural environment is in inspiring both her designs and her creative approach. These days we are seeing many small creative businesses emerge powerfully into the local and global market, and it is my dream to – via my photos –  help them create their own unique mark in the world. I aim to create images that demonstrate a business’ individuality, giving a distinct identity to smaller businesses in a world of faceless big brands.

I observed quietly and with fascination as Izzie went about her creative and detailed work process, the passion she has for her art so clearly coming through. She works manually with each unique piece of metal, sawing and hammering them into her chosen designs and then hand engraving the details. Many pieces in her collection are based on shapes found in nature.

Izzie’s focus has always been on making pieces of jewellery that are sustainable, using reclaimed materials and leaving as low an environmental impact as possible. Her eco-friendly methods mean she carefully sources local and recycled materials and re-purposes them into her stunning and original collections. Most recently she has been working with eco-silver, a high quality 100% recycled alternative to sterling silver. Izzie’s pieces are available at Flock Brighton and online; she also offers private workshops in jewellery design in her Brighton garden studio.


If you are an artist, designer or maker, and would love to be captured at work, let’s talk about the possibilities to showcase you via new brand photos that you can use on your website and social media, allowing your clients to get to know you, your work and the inspiration behind it better. Please contact me here, I am looking forward to hearing from you.